Residential Cleaning

Our Cleaning Rates*

General Clean

Homes or Apartments

Weekly Starting at $85 + tax

Bi-weekly Starting at $95 + tax

Monthly Starting at $110 + tax

One-Time or Special Occasion 

Clean or Set Up

$50/hour + tax

(1 person, limited availability)

$85/hour + tax

(2 people,  2 hour minimum)

$115/hour + tax

(3 people,  2 hour minimum)

Move Out Clean


1 Bedroom – $110
2 Bedroom  – $130

Move Out Clean


1200-1600 sq. ft.  $190 + tax

1601 – 1800 sq. ft. $205 + tax

1801 – 2000 sq. ft. $225 + tax

2001- and larger please call or email for pricing.

  • Cleaning  Inside of drawers $2 each
  • Cleaning Inside of cabinets $2 each
  • Cleaning inside of pantry $5-$10 depending on size

Why do we charge sales tax? “Click here!”
Deluxe Deep Clean – Call for Quote

*Rates may vary based on condition.

*Estimates given are based on average of time it takes homes of similar square footage. If inaccurate information is provided the estimate may be inaccurate.

*Weekend availability is limited and therefore subject to higher pricing.

*Peak times may have higher rates and discounts will not be honored during those times. For example: the week before Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, higher rates may apply.     No discounts or coupons will be able to be used during these peak times.

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