Do I Need to Be at Home for a Home Cleaning Service?

Feb 24, 2020 | Cleaning

Whether you want to hire a professional house cleaning service for a one-time job or on a more regular basis, there are a few things you need to consider before calling the helpers in. If you have never turned to a professional, full home cleaning service before, let us tell you that it is not just a dusting and mopping job. It is a more complex task that requires a team at the worksite with the needed tools and cleaning products. To this, several people ask if someone has to be present at home to attend the cleaners. In this blog, we answer the most asked question along with why you might consider hiring professional cleaners and how are they beneficial.

Should you be home during a housing cleaning session?Do I Need to Be at Home for a Home Cleaning Service?

To be honest, this is a two-way sword – while companies insure against any problems caused by their employees, they also have to deal with dishonest property owners. So, the answer to if you should be home during a house cleaning service is that it depends. If you trust the service provider and you believe there will not be any theft or damage – you can hand over the entire session to the cleaners and go forwards with your day. But, if you feel your possessions and other stuff in the house is more valuable than anything else – stay at home and supervise. If you have an issue with something – do not be rude, provide positive feedback, and the cleaners will be more than happy to work on your requirements.

In most cases, you can hire someone who is employed by an agency or is bonded. So, you can call the cleaner while you are still at work and come home to a clean and clutter-free environment. But, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe having a stranger in your absence, stay at home or install a camera. This way, you can easily come to know of any mishap.

Usually, the team of cleaners is appointed by the employers after getting a thorough background check done. They know that stealing will cost them their jobs (in the entire industry at times), so they are always careful.

How to hire the best house cleaning service?

Here are some of the essential aspects to consider while hiring the best service provider and making your experience problem-free:


These give you an insider look of the company as well as the cleaners and not what is simply written on the website. Referrals from your trusted contacts can paint an altogether different image than what the companies might portray.

Online Reviews

Happy customers do not tend to write as many reviews as the ones who are dissatisfied. Some people certainly take the story out of proportion, but that’s where you need to apply your discretion. However, it is a red flag for services with all terrible comments. Although, you must also watch out for companies with a perfect score since you never know if those are paid. So, as a rule of thumb, pick those service providers who fall in the middle category – not too many bad reviews and not too many positive reviews. Plus, there also are other factors you can consider before solely relying on reviews.

Experience and Accreditations

How long has the company been into this business? And do they have any awards or accreditations? See if the company can fulfill such requirements – it lets you know if the company has the potential to provide exceptional services. Moreover, these factors maintain the company’s credibility and exhibit their desire to remain under a good standing with clients.

Services Offered

There are agencies that provide a bunch of services – you just need to find what suits you. So, to the best of what you can, inquire the level of services a company offers.

Need to Be Home for Home Cleaning ServiceSupplies

Some cleaners come in with their own supplies and tools, whereas others do not. Depending on your needs, inquire the provider if they are willing to accommodate their tools or will need yours. Deep cleaning services might need special equipment and products, but you can always provide the cleaners with your own products to prevent cross-contamination.

Customer Satisfaction

In case the things to do not go as planned, how will the service provider make up for it? Are they ready to guarantee a no-theft or no-damage guarantee? Pay attention to their customer service claims.

Types of Workers

You must find out if the workers are full-time employees or on contract. This helps you make the right decision since contract workers are less efficient and less trained; however, employees are more reliable and skilled.

Terms of Service

This is essential – know the policies of your service provider. It would be best if you are not being charged with any hidden fees or for cancellations, rescheduling and so on.

Why should you hire professional cleaning services?

Often people say that it is cheaper to hire an under-the-table cleaner for less cash. However, that still doesn’t account for the benefits you gain from professional house cleaning services. Sure, these are a little expensive, but expert cleaners are more experienced as well as reliable. They always follow a schedule and work accordingly. The cleaners understand their responsibilities and always stay accountable to both the employer as well as the client for damages. Moreover, you are relaxed and stay stress-free since cleaning is a time-consuming job and can take up your entire day. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose a preferable plan that meets your expectations.

Cleaning different spaces in your home is tedious. A full home cleaning service is the solution!

Yes, cleaning can be tiresome and that’s what expert services are for! So, if you are looking for a trustworthy and professional house cleaning service in Texas, The Maid Place can help you. Cleaning is our specialty, and we go well beyond to schedule and resolve your query right in time. Call us today and get a free estimate!

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