How Does The Maid Place Clean Wood Floors?

Feb 10, 2016 | Cleaning

Hi everybody! Probably the number one question we get asked is “How does The Maid Place clean floors” and more specifically people ask about wood floors. Wood flooring is a very durable and beautiful option for a home that can last forever with the proper cleaning techniques. Here are some pointers:

1.) Do NOT use products with ammonia or bleach ever. Limit anything you mix with water. If you really want to wet mop the floor make absolutely sure you wring the mop out entirely. Wood will absorb water and swell and can damage or ruin a floor.

2.) “Shine” products are not necessarily good for floors. I know we all love a shiny wood floor but many of those products will leave your floor with a film that builds up over time. A common symptom is white film and spots on your floor that won’t go away or seem to get worse. It’s next to impossible to fix this yourself which means calling a flooring specials. This is an extremely expensive problem that can be avoided.

3.) Orange Glo is junk. Throw it away. Never put it on your floor.

4.) Bona, Bona, Bona! This is what we use on wood floors and what most flooring contractors will recommend. It is environmentally friendly, scentless, and most important Cleans your floor without leaving any build up behind that will cause you heartache in the future. First we sweep or vacuum the floor. Most of our teams have backpack vacuums. These will get all the debris but have no spinning brush that could scratch or damage the floor. Then it is just as easy as spraying the floor and mopping it with a microfiber mop!

Hopefully this will help answer any questions you may have about your floors but feel free to call us any time at (214) 644-0111!

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