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Why do you have to reserve with a Credit Card?

Hey everybody!

I get this a LOT! “Why do I have to give a credit card to hold my spot, especially if I want to pay another method” Well, we like most companies have learned some expensive lessons over the years. In the service industry sometimes customers don’t see our time as valuable. Whenever you book a spot with us that is YOUR SPOT. We don’t overbook ever. This means when we drive out to your house and you forget we are coming or change your mind, not only are we out gas and drive time there and back – but we also have a hole and we likely turned other jobs away to keep a spot for you we cannot fill now.  ? That means the girls have a hole in their paycheck, the company loses revenue, etc…SO after lots of heartache and paying my teams trip fees out of pocket for years I decided that this would hopefully alleviate the issue. It’s only fair they receive pay for the time and gas and it’s not fair for me to foot the bill all the time. Just like a hotel takes a credit card to hold the reservation and for incidentals we do too. Should you choose not to use the card on your cleaning day it will not be charged. We cannot see the number once entered into the software. Literally only the last 4 digits are visible so security is not an issue. If you stand us up we will contact you first and see how you would like to take care of the cancellation fee. Should we not hear from you within a reasonable amount of time we will charge the fee to the card. All of the “rules” are outlined in the docusign agreement you sign prior to your service. If you ever have questions about anything, please give me a call (214)644-0111!

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Before you review please read!


So, we have a love/hate relationship with reviews. Reviews from our customers have driven our business for years. We try very hard to supply a superior service at a reasonable price. However, not everything is going to go perfect 100% of the time. Our girls are GREAT but still human. And some companies may be nonchalant about customer feedback but we absolutely are not. We truly want to make sure you are happy. Believe it or not our girls do too. Repeat business is what keeps our company alive and we know it. If there is ever a problem big or small let us know. We will go above and beyond to try to rectify any situation. Most of our bad reviews are from people who never even called and let us know there was an issue. We try to follow up but we are a small business and sometimes it may take a few weeks to get through follow ups. There will be some customers that we can’t make happy and I can promise it isn’t for lack of trying. We just ask that you give us the same courtesy you would want if it was your company. If there are issues ever call or text us! We want you happy!

Summer is HOT! Please read this IMPORTANT update!

Ok guys! Time for my yearly post about Summer!

It’s getting hot outside and a vacant house will feel even hotter on the inside. For move out cleans please make sure your thermostat is set to a maximum of 75 degrees the night BEFORE your move out if you are no longer living there. Turning it on when we get there does not allow enough time for the home to cool off. Cleaning is hard, sweaty work and doing it in a hot house or apartment isn’t just unbearable….it’s dangerous to my team. If we get there and the AC is off it is up to the team if they will stay and clean. We do charge a cancellation at the door fee and that will apply if they choose to not stay. Should they agree to help out in the heat expect a hefty upcharge! And as always….keep your water and electricity on until the cleaning is done. Our girls are precious to us so we want to keep them safe this summer! Thank you all for your understanding! ?

How does The Maid Place Clean wood floors?

Hi everybody! Probably the number one question we get asked is “How does The Maid Place clean floors” and more specifically people ask about wood floors. Wood flooring is a very durable and beautiful option for a home that can last forever with the proper cleaning techniques. Here are some pointers:

1.) Do NOT use products with ammonia or bleach ever. Limit anything you mix with water. If you really want to wet mop the floor make absolutely sure you wring the mop out entirely. Wood will absorb water and swell and can damage or ruin a floor.

2.) “Shine” products are not necessarily good for floors. I know we all love a shiny wood floor but many of those products will leave your floor with a film that builds up over time. A common symptom is white film and spots on your floor that won’t go away or seem to get worse. It’s next to impossible to fix this yourself which means calling a flooring specials. This is an extremely expensive problem that can be avoided.

3.) Orange Glo is junk. Throw it away. Never put it on your floor.

4.) Bona, Bona, Bona! This is what we use on wood floors and what most flooring contractors will recommend. It is environmentally friendly, scentless, and most important Cleans your floor without leaving any build up behind that will cause you heartache in the future. First we sweep or vacuum the floor. Most of our teams have backpack vacuums. These will get all the debris but have no spinning brush that could scratch or damage the floor. Then it is just as easy as spraying the floor and mopping it with a microfiber mop!


Hopefully this will help answer any questions you may have about your floors but feel free to call us any time at (214)644-0111!

Happy Monday from The Maid Place! January 2016

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

We get lots of questions and even though we do have a FAQ page on our website ( I like to use this platform to go into a little more detail. Today I want to go over our customer satisfaction guarantee ? We always want and expect that our customers will be happy with the job the crew assigned does for you BUT they are human beings and as fantastic as they are there can be a “off” day or a cleaning style that doesn’t mesh with the customers preferred methods. We always want to take care of the customers when this happens.

Why don’t we offer money back? Because we get taken advantage of unfortunately. We prefer to send the crew out to fix the issues at a time that works for you. The reason we do this is ACCOUNTABILITY. There would be less incentive to do a good job if they knew we would just “take care of it” when something goes wrong.

What can you expect when the crew comes to fix something missed? A cheerful apologetic team. Our girls genuinely value your feedback as do we. They want you to be happy. The way we are structured, the girls make more by earning your regular business. If you choose to switch to another team or company that is one less job they have on their schedule. Regulars are what keeps going in the slow seasons. Plus they like knowing the homes and people they will be seeing. It makes the cleaning easier if you know what you are walking into each visit and it’s less awkward since that initial introduction is over with ?

ALSO! Cleaners are not one size fits all. Everyone does things differently. Sometimes it’s as easy as switching the team. What one person loves another may not.

So, while I like to think we are perfect the reality is nobody is. But we just ask if you ever have an issue, give us a call. No matter if it is big or small…We would love the chance to fix things.

Sales Tax and Maid Service, November 20, 2015

One of the many questions we get is about sales tax. A lot of people (especially from out of state) think of Maid Service as a labor service like moving which is not required to charge and pay sales tax to the state. In Texas, however, that is not the case. Texas considers having a cleaning service a luxury and it is subject to both state and local taxes. Sorry guys! I wish I didn’t have to charge it but if I don’t I still have to pay it! For more information check out the link below!!

We are officially blogging!!! November 10, 2015

Hey everyone! I have been wanting a blog on our site for a while now and I am SO STINKING EXCITED that we have one now! This will be a place where we will share cleaning tips, information about staff, holiday and weather related schedule changes, etc… So stay tuned! We will update at least once per week but likely more!! Thank you so much for your business!

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